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Remove bottlenecks
in your content marketing

Scale-up content marketing for your SaaS business. Give your team some breathing space and let us move your marketing projects forward.

SaaS experience

We’re not just a content marketing agency working for SaaS companies. We’re a team of folks who have been working in SaaS and know the pains.

No bullshit
and jargon

The marketing world is so full of bull. We are going to be super upfront with you. No jargon and fairy tales about quick wins and funnels.

Real masters
at work

Saying “hands-on experience” is cliche as hell. But yes – we have campaigns, feature launches, content, copywriting, graphics, video under our belt.
Product marketing

Let's build a solid strategy

How about getting back to the foundations of your product? Let’s dive into the voice of customer data, competitive intel, positioning, segmentation and buyer personas, value proposition, and messaging.

Content creation

Drive results with high-end content

Yep. But hold on – it’s not about a factory of blog posts. It’s about two content pillars: customer-facing content and sales & customer success enablement content. Let’s talk about all the content types that fall under those two.

Data-driven content

Own the spotlight with unique data

Spécialité de la maison – thought-leadership, data-driven content drives results. And we can create for you – from conducting research, through creatives, up to setting up and implementing a campaign.


Here’s what people say:

Daniel Giovacchini
Co-Founder at Tango
It's so clear how passionate Jakub and his team are. They don't hesitate to go the extra mile and pour all their effort into their partnerships. Most agencies don't give a damn. That's different with Cayenne Flow - they're proactive about your needs and genuinely care about your experience and results. In just a few months, their SEO content creation and paid social efforts helped us achieve 13k conversions and have been more efficient than standard direct-response retargeting options. Our blog traffic grew from nothing to 2.7k visits/month. Moreover, by taking a product and brand-led approach, they ensured that our content represented what our company stood for with a series of messaging workshops that guided our articles and posts. This team is the real deal and are wonderful partners for your end-to-end content strategy
Tamara Hurtmann
Head of Marketing at Abusix
We were seeking help from Jakub and his team to get the foundations set for product marketing, as we haven’t had the internal resources to do it on our own. Cayenne Flow not only run customer research and competitive intelligence to understand the market, but they also deep-dived into the target audience’s needs and pain points. When things were unclear, they always went the extra mile to ensure they delivered what they promised! Their work gave us insights based on data, not just on gut feelings! Besides their excellent work, they are also lovely, communicative, and great people to work with! It never felt like we are working with an agency; it felt like they are part of our team! After almost a year of working with Cayenne Flow, I truly recommend them without any doubt!
Tomasz Bołcun
Brand Manager at ClickMeeting
I do not know any other man who could translate the marketing strategy into written words so well. He eats SEO, content marketing, and product copywriting for breakfast every day. Jakub has proved many times that content can sell. And above all, he is a great colleague and team player.
Agata Orłowska
UX Designer at Dietly
Jakub is a unique and open-minded content marketer. His passion and huge knowledge make him definitely stand out among other specialists. He remembers the tone of voice, sense, and usability. He is able to follow even the craziest ideas and knows how to develop them. Jakub’s personality is an added value contributing to the quality of his work. He is inventive as well as enthusiastic, and cooperation with him is pure pleasure.
Head of Performance Marketing at Traffit
Jakub perfectly combines analytical and content marketing skills. In his work, he always tries to understand the problem of the user/client but also explores the related SEO issues. Working with Jakub is pure pleasure. This man is a true professional. He is always 200% involved in his job.
Nicholas Menelaou
Customer Marketing Manager at LRN, ex-Semrush
Here’s the thing about content – there is a time when you hit a wall on what to create next. That’s where Jakub and the team have been our go-to. He’s been able to come in to create a content strategy and content that drives results. Their content strategy and copy increased our traffic by 3X and our Share of Voice on Google by identifying keyword gaps and creating Data-Driven Original Research aligned to the content strategy.
Michał Leszczyński
Head of Content & Partnerships, GetResponse
I’m impressed by how deep CayenneFlow goes to learn about our product, how it works, and what value it brings to our audience. I’ve worked with multiple agencies and freelance writers before, but most of them would only have a vague understanding of what we do and would struggle to tell a compelling story featuring our products. This is very important to us, as our software’s pretty technical, and we want to educate and inspire our audience with highly-approachable content. Also, I really appreciate Jakub’s flexibility regarding the types of projects we work on. A big part of our campaigns focuses on updating existing content rather than coming up with new topics, and I know not every agency wants to deal with this kind of thing.

Meet your business goals with content that stands out

There are thousands of SaaS brands out there. And each of them creates content. Let’s create content that ties to your business goals and delivers value for your audience.